It is in the very essence of LEONOEL to maintain our planet's natural environment and our people's dignity. Each product is created with respect to the land it originated from and the creators behind it. Master architects Peter Zumthor and Renzo Piano inspire us to be mindful of the "genius loci" (the spirit of the place) in the process of making. By traveling around the planet and observing the negative consequences of our actions as one of the many species who call this planet home, we created LEONOEL; striving to become part of the solution rather than the problem. This is the foundation that LEONOEL was built upon. 

We combine design, technology, and science, aiming to solve the simple yet complex issue of reducing our environmental footprint through the entire lifecycle of each garment.

Our approach reminisces the many generations who are to come after us. We believe in keeping a gentle touch on this planet and the many spirits it consists of. Rather than riding the waves of passing hypes, we are here to contribute to humanity's betterment for many years to come. Our name is a metaphor that holds male, female, and neutral as equal counterparts while withholding our premise of social and environmental sustainability through the entire life cycle of each piece in our collections.

LEONOEL LEON (A collection of clothes for MEN) + N (A collection of NEUTRAL clothes) + NOEL (A collection of clothes for WOMEN)