We understand that in creating clothes for daily use, synthetic fibers may be necessary for high durability in activewear. This initiated our reclaimed collection and a conversation with our confidential partners which turn plastic bottles and marine plastics into regenerated fabric.

Using regenerated polyester and nylon would reduce the global warming impact of nylon by up to 80% compared with material derived from oil. But just like all other polyesters, the garments would still shed microfibers in each wash.

All synthetic fibers come off in the wash and pass through to sewage treatment plants, which often don’t have filters fine enough to catch them. Treated wastewater is then often dumped into rivers or the sea, carrying a great level of microfibers. 

Although microfiber protection bags, such as Guppiefriend bags shown above, considerably reduce the amount of shedding, when we looked closely at the full life cycle analysis of synthetic fibers, there were still many issues around the dying process of the fibers and their technical cycle of recovery at the end of the garments life cycle.


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