Line Silk Dress Pocketless | The Biodegradable Collection



The 100% silk fabric is woven to take form. This silk dress is designed to be malleable and change shape based on body movement. To be worn boxy or with a belt. 


100% Silk, Sewn with cotton thread. 

Environmental Facts

  • This item is BiodegradableAt the end of the product’s life cycle, you may place it in a commercial compost. The soil is safe for farming practices, as the product contains no toxic elements in ingredients.


Model is wearing a women's size S.

Wash and Care

Hand wash and air dry if possible. Do not bleach. Hang dry. Do not put in the dryer.

You may machine wash cold. We recommend putting the dress in a garment wash bag.

Dry Cleaners cause Pollution due to chlorinated solvents (PCE); containing highly toxic chemicals with a high level of persistence to degradation (over a few decades). 

Manufacturing Process

Fabric Supplier: Italy

This product was hand sewn in San Francisco, California. 



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