Wrap Dress



Wrap dresses are comfortable and flattering on all body types. This dress is knee length with elbow sleeves. Typical of wrap dresses, it drapes elegantly, wraps around the body and crosses at the chest. 


This dress is made of 100% modal and dyed with non-toxic, low-impact dye. Modal is a super soft, luxe cellulose fiber made by spinning reconstituted cellulose. Modal is often mixed with spandex. We keep all of our modal pieces 100% modal, so the item is completely biodegradable. 

Environmental Facts

Scroll down to see the product's environmental tag. 

  • This item is biodegradable. At the end of the item's life cycle, we recommend closing the loop in a biological cycle of recovery by placing this item in a commercial compost.
  • This item has been tested and will degrade in less than 6 months.


Model is 5 ft 9 and wearing size S. Please refer to the measurement card for height specs.

Wash and Care

Hand wash and air dry if possible. Do not bleach. Hang dry or tumble dry low.

We don't recommend ironing, but the item may be steamed. 
You may machine wash cold with similar colors.

Dry Cleaners cause Pollution due to chlorinated solvents (PCE); containing highly toxic chemicals with a high level of persistence to degradation (over a few decades). 

Manufacturing Process

Fabric Supplier: GOTS Certification/Global Organic Textile Standard, OCS Certification.

Manufacturer: China, Manufacturer has obtained Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production Certification

Dye Process: This item has been dyed with low-impact dyes.


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