Silk and Modal Scarf | Sold Out



A modal and silk scarf celebrating femininity; designed to finish off any outfit elegantly while creating a soft and airy effortless silhouette, perfect for layering over any day or evening look.


This scarf is 65% modal and 35% silk. This composition makes for a sheer aesthetic and a fine, super soft feel. 

Environmental Facts

  • This item was dyed with low-impact dyes. 
  • This item is biodegradable. At the end of the item's life cycle, we recommend closing the loop in a biological cycle of recovery by putting this item in a commercial compost.
  • The degradation time in a compost depends on compost conditions. For faster composting you may cut the product to smaller pieces.

Wash and Care

Hand wash and air dry if possible. Do not bleach. 

We don't recommend ironing, but the item may be steamed. 

Manufacturing Process

Fabric Supplier: China.

Designed in California. 


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